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Find out how we can help you optimise your university's digital marketing strategy to help you reach your 2019/20 recruitment targets.

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Open Day Promotion

Organic and paid search campaigns to increase open day registrations from prospective students.

SEO Strategy

We can help you identify opportunties to improve the ranking potential of your website.

Website Launch

Advice on ranking retention and improvement when you launch your new website.

Pay Per Click

Reach your recruitment targets through developing effective paid search, display & social campaigns.

Competitor Analysis

Uncovering a range of powerful link opportunities will help you outrank your competition.

Content Strategy

Our onpage website audit will identify opportunities to improve your website's content.

Website Analysis

An analysis of your website’s server and technical infrastructure can ensure that your website is performing correctly.

Website Development

We can work with your website development team to ensure your new website is optimised for search.

Keyword Strategy

Understanding what your potential students are searching for can help you align your website content.

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Our results

Increased overall website traffic

Attained a 25% increase in traffic over a six month period leading to a significant increase in university course applications and a reduction in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising costs.

Increased course page rankings

Attained the number one ranking (and associated increase in traffic and university course applications) to a university's top course page within four months.

Increased international student visibility

Targeted overseas search engines in close cooperation with the international student recruitment team to increase global course visibility to targeted overseas students.

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In the Media

Over the years we've been lucky enough to be featured on a number of high profile websites including The Chartered Institute of Marketing, Econsultancy and Digital Marketing Magazine.


We talk to a lot of people about SEO and how the principles apply to their university website. The following FAQs cover the main questions that we get asked regularly, and that we think it is important for you to be aware of.

Search engine optimisation, or SEO as it is more commonly known as, is the science of improving website search engine rankings for specific keywords.

SEO is based on three basic principles:

  • Having a fast, well designed website that is easy for humans to navigate and search engines to index
  • Having better content than the other websites competing for the same keywords
  • Having a better link profile than websites competing for the same keywords

These are the main ranking factors and although Google uses over 200 criteria to rank a website, the majority fall into these three categories.

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