SEO Competitor Analysis

Discover your Competitors Digital Marketing Strategies
Reverse engineer your competitions digital marketing strategies to target their organic and paid keywords and search terms with your own strategy.

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Knowing how your competiton is performing in Google is one of the most important and overlooked pillars of digital marketing.

Whether you're looking for insight to improve your Google AdWords pay per click campaigns, develop the landing pages of your website, or develop your own content marketing strategy, a thorough understanding of your competitors digital marketing strategy is crucial to developing a effective strategy of your own.
"Understanding your competitors digital marketing strategy gives you the insight to identify and target the online opportunities that lead to a higher ROI on your digital marketing budget."

So, how does the SEO competitor analysis process work?

Who is your competition?

The first step in the process is easy - you tell us who your competitors are, and where they are competing.

Competitor Research

We'll run a bunch of reports analysing your competitors organic and paid search rankings and performance.

Competitor Analysis

We'll compare your competitors strategies and identify opportunities for you to take advantage of.
​"​Digitator’s competitor analysis enabled us to identify and target our competitors largest and most profitable niches with our digital marketing campaigns.​"​ Leon Andrews, Dixons Carphone

How else can we help you?

Website Auditing

We can make sure your website ranks where it deserves in Google search results.

Google Rankings

We can tell you which keywords you are ranking for in order to inform your digital strategy.

Google Pay Per Click

We can help you create your AdWords campaigns and help you to build out your landing pages.
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    Search Engine Optimisation FAQs

    We talk to a lot of people about SEO and how the principles apply to their website. The following FAQs cover the main questions that we get asked regularly, and that we think it is important for you to be aware of.

    Search engine optimisation, or SEO as it is more commonly known as, is the science of improving website search engine rankings for specific keywords.

    SEO is based on three basic principles:

    • Having a fast, well designed website that is easy for humans to navigate and search engines to index
    • Having better content than the other websites competing for the same keywords
    • Having a better link profile than websites competing for the same keywords
    These are the main ranking factors and although Google uses over 200 criteria to rank a website, the majority fall into these three categories.
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