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Reach Volunteering Case Study

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Digitator and Reach Volunteering

Reach Volunteering selected Digitator for our successful track record working with Government and non-profit sector organisations including the NHS, Marie Curie Cancer Care and The British Heart Foundation.

In the last three years we've worked to build their online influence, working on all aspects of their website development roadmap, search engine optimisation and Google Ad campaigns.

Over this period organic traffic has grown by over 200%; this success has been a major contributor to record levels of performance over the last 3 years.

A 200% plus increase in organic traffic from 8,500 to 30,000 visits a month has led to record results for Reach Volunteering.

Content Strategy

Our keyword research identified numerous new content opportunities for Reach to target their core audience of both organisations and volunteers. By cross referencing a wide range of data points to create a list of topics we were able to prioritise our efforts and maximise success.

Keyword Research

Using our proprietary keyword research software, we fully researched, analysed and segmented the search queries that Reach's target audience are using to find information and opportunities in the skills based volunteering niche online.
"Digitator has worked with us over the past three years to position Reach Volunteering as leaders in our sector. Over this period our improved website performance has contributed to record volunteer registration and placements and solidified our position as the number one provider of skills-based volunteers to the charity sector."
Janet Thorne, CEO, Reach Volunteering

Performance Reporting

Measuring performance by combining multiple data sources lets us track performance improvements for both existing and new content. We also used this data to identify changes in trends in search patterns. These trends are a key input for reporting and content recommendations.

Technical SEO Auditing

Providing a comprehensive technical audit identified links to be repaired, redirect chains to be shortened and some code fixes. Updating this technical audit regularly, and acting on the recommendations, ensures that the Reach Volunteering website is fast, and easy for Google to crawl and index.
​"​Digitator have supported us to get us up to speed with SEO and Google Ads. Not only have we been able to tap into emerging opportunities quicker, we've increased organic traffic to our website by over 200%. They are clear and straightforward to work with and we'd recommend them to any charity looking to improve their search performance."
Lucia das Neves, Head of Marketing & Communications, Reach Volunteering

Link Outreach

We worked together to build powerful links from the most trusted, and domains. These powerful links are key to the major increases in referral traffic and organic growth Reach has experienced over the past few years, which have in turn led to record results for the charity.

Landing Page Design

Reporting insights were used in the page design process to maximise the performance potential in organic and paid search. Many of these new pages now dominate their niche, leading to further success for Reach Volunteering.
"We've worked with Digitator to ensure that SEO optimisation was baked into our website development pathway. This has meant that the content that we create, as well as our site's user-generated content, has the greatest opportunity to rank in organic search. As a result we've seen a significant increase in ranking performance and traffic."
Sarah Dewe, Head of Digital, Reach Volunteering

Google Ad Campaigns

Using various data sources, we looked at the previous 12 months' Google Ads performance to identify trends in performance and gaps in coverage. This work led to significant increases in traffic from paid Google search and an reduction in average cost per click due to improved quality scores.

Web Development SEO

We worked with the web development team to bake best practice SEO into all new web development. This work covered all aspects of web development to ensure the website was crawlable, fast and that new (and existing) content ranked highly in Google search.

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