Quick Access Toolbar Microsoft Office 365

The Quick Access toolbar is similar in concept to Windows Quick Launch taskbar at the bottom of your screen, except that each Office application has its own customised toolbar with the users regularly used functions, and is located in the top left hand corner of the application window.
To use the quick launch toolbar effectively, identify the functions that you use regularly that:

  1. You don’t use keyboard shortcuts for – if you know the shortcut, you don’t need the add it to the toolbar because the shortcut is quicker
  2. Are difficult to find, or don’t exist on the ribbon

My personal favourites include:

  • Save As
  • Page Setup
  • New
  • Print Preview and Print
  • Open Recent File
  • E-mail
  • Take a Screenshot
  • Add a Table
  • Choose a Textbox

An example of a Quick Access toolbar, together with the drop down selection menu is shown here:
Customise Quick Access Toolbar Microsoft Office 365

Note the arrow on the right hand of the toolbar – this is where you personalise the toolbar.
You can see that the most popular functions are easily selectable – although remember that if you select “More Commands…” you can access literally hundreds more commands.
You can see what the”More Commands…” window looks like here:
Customise Quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft Office 365
To work out what functions are best for you right work your way through the various options – check popular options first, and then make sure that you have a look at what is available under “More Commands” – you might find something you didn’t know about that could prove to be a real time saver.

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