Image Optimisation

Because Fast Equals Better Rankings
Since you've come to this page, we reckon the chances are pretty high that you are looking for someone to optimise the images on your website, improving download speeds and improving your ability to rank highly in search.

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In order for your website to rank well it needs to download quickly, especially over mobile connections. Many things can affect the speed of a website including image size, server speed and the amount and type of code on a page.

Images are usually the largest element of any webpage and identifying and optimising large images that are bloating your web page sizes is your first step to ensuring that your website downloads fast and you rank where you deserve.

"Our team of website design specialists have been there, done that, and seen it all before..."

That means we can quickly identify and solve all your website image issues.

We can help you with everything from recommending the right file type for each image to optimising your images so that your website loads quickly for users while minimising your server's band width.

And if you're stuck for images, we can help you with those too.

So, how does the process work?

Audit images

We audit all of your images and identify those that are affecting your page download times and search rankings.

Download images

We’ll download the images identified in the auditing process in preparation for optimisation. Or you can provide them for us.

Optimise Images

We’ll optimise the dimensions and quality of your images for the web to reduce your image size so your pages download faster.

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​"​As our search engine optimisation partner, Digitator worked closely with our content team to identify the images on our website that had sneaked through our internal optimisation process and were leading to slow loading webpages. Optimising these images led to a significant decrease in page size, an improvement in download speeds, and an increase in Google rankings across key pages.​"​Leon Andrews, Dixons Carphone

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Image Optimisation FAQs

Images, along with JavaScript files, are typically the largest file types on a webpage. Today, especially with the growth in people accessing your website from mobile devices on slower connections (and limited mobile data plans), providing a fast online performance is key.

In fact Google now two ranking algorithms (desktop and mobile) meaning that if your page is large or doesn't fit mobile screens, it may rank lower than the same page on a desktop.

Your typical hi-res SLR image is going to be anywhere to 20MB in size. When you realise that the recommended webpage size is 2MB you start to realise how important web optimising your images is to keep your webpages under this limit.
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