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Why develop a Content Marketing Strategy

If you invest in content marketing, it's important to invest in a content marketing strategy.

Whether you are looking to complete an audit of existing content, are looking for new topics to cover, or are building a new website, a comprehensive content strategy will enable you to achieve greater success than you otherwise would enjoy.

A content strategy will identify what search terms your potential clients are using throughout their purchase journey, and enable you to target specific content to each stage of their journey.

This has two benefits - it enables your customers to find you easier, and it also means that your investment in content is targeted towards areas that will make a difference to your bottom line - no more articles that no one reads!

​"​Digitator’s topic research and modelling enabled us to accurately map our content marketing strategy and the development of our new website so we were able to target the largest and most profitable niches with our content marketing and pay per click advertising campaigns.​"​ Leon Andrews, Dixons Carphone

Inform your Content Marketing Strategy

Before you develop your content strategy, it's crucial to understand your niche's online terrain. You should to ask questions like this:

  • What questions are people asking?
  • Where are they finding the answers?
  • What kind of content is performing best?
  • What are your competitors content marketing strategies?
  • If we invest in developing content, what platforms are people finding it on?

We can help you answer all these questions to ensure that your content strategy is based on the strongest possible evidence, and gives you the best return on your investment.

We can answer all of these questions with a analysis of your market niche and a comprehensive report which will enable you to make the best decisions when it comes to developing your content strategy and tactics.  

Keyword Mapping

We can find all the most important search terms that people are searching for in your niche.

Publishing Platforms

If you are going to write something, you'll want it to be seen. We can identify the best platforms to publish your content.

Topic Prioritisation

We can group your keywords into AdWords campaigns and help you to build out your landing pages.
"Understanding what your customers are searching for enables you to identify and target the opportunities that lead to a higher ROI on your digital marketing investment."

So, how do you develop a content marketing strategy?

Business Goals

The first step in the process is understanding your business goals, and what you need the research for.

Business Niches

We'll map each of the niches you operate in to identify each area that needs to be researched.

Keyword Research

We'll create a comprehensive list of relevant search terms broken down by topic for easy analysis.

Funnel Analysis

We sort search terms into different areas of the purchase funnel such as awareness, consideration and purchase.


Taking into account factors such as business importance and ranking difficulty we'll prioritise each topic.

Content Plan

We'll create a easy to follow content plan for your content team to work from - or we can create the content for you!

How else can we help you?

Keyword Rankings

We can track your rankings for your most important keywords and locations, both nationally and locally.

Competitor Keywords

We can tell you what and where your competition is ranking in order to inform your digital strategy.

Google Pay Per Click

We can group your keywords into AdWords campaigns and help you to build out your landing pages.
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    Content Strategy FAQs

    We talk to a lot of people about how the the importance of a content strategy. Here are some of the main reasons you too should have one.

    If you are going to be investing in writing content, you want several things in return:
    • People discovering your products and services
    • People buying your products and services
    In order for this to be effective, you need to achieve a couple of other things first:
    • Your content needs to be relevant to your potential customers
    • Your customers need to be able to find your content
    This is where your content strategy comes in. A good content strategy identifies what people are searching for, groups these searches into article topics, and assesses the likelihood of each topic ranking in search. Once you've combined all of this information into a content plan, you will have a prioritised list of topics for your content marketing team to tackle, and you can rest easy knowing that their efforts are being targeted in the best possible way.
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